Zambia. 2016

Zambia. 2016

Kerstin Hacker

Kerstin Hacker is a photo documentarist and has worked for major non-governmental organisations and newspapers. Her work is exhibited internationally.

She is recipient of the Agfa/Emma Female Photojournalist of the Year Award and is an Alexia Foundation alumna. She self-published the book Einsame Heimat on Sudeten Germans in Czech Republic. Recently she has been awarded a Fellowship with the Centre for Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP).

Kerstin is passionate about visual self-governance in Africa and has developed a photography curriculum together with the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Zambia and the British Council to raise awareness of the importance of visual self - representation.

Kerstin Hacker was born in Bavaria/Germany in 1968. She holds a BA and MA from FAMU (Academy of Applied Arts), Prague, Czech Republic.  Since 2008 she is Head of Photography at the Cambridge School of Art and leads the BA and MA courses.

Clients include Save the Children, SightSavers International, UNICEF, British Council, The Daily Telegraph, Guardian and The Times.


Solo Exhibitions

Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka, Zambia: Generation Z: August 2017

Changing Spaces, Cambridge, UK: Maternity Ward: October 2015

Czech Cultural Centre, Munich, Germany: Einsame Heimat: December 2002

Susice Town Museum, Czech Republic: Einsame Heimat: September 2000

Zwiesel Town Museum, Germany: Einsame Heimat: October 1999

Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, England: Russia, China, East Turkestan, Tibet, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan: April/May 1998

Maternity Hospital, Prien, Germany: Maternity Hospital: January 1995

Graphics Gallery, Hodonin Museum, Czech Republic: China, East-Turkestan, Tibet, Mongolia: February 1995

Cultural Centre, Ministry of Culture, Tashkent, Uzbekistan: China, East Turkestan, Tibet, Mongolia: November 1995

Gallery Jungmann, Liberec, Czech Republic: China, East-Turkestan, Tibet: February 1994

Gallery Shellenberger, Portland, Maine, USA: Maternity Hospital: May 1993

Gallery of the Academy for Photodesign, Munich, Germany: Maternity Hospital: October 1993

FAMU, Prague, Czech Republic: Home for handicapped Children in Prague „Jedlickuv Ustav“: June 1991


Group Exhibitions

Festival der Fotografischen Bilder, Regensburg, Germany: October 2017

Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK: Inspire Dialogue: September 2017

Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka, Zambia: Konse Konse (European Union): May 2017

Freilichtmuseum Massing, Germany: Project Junge Bäuerin (Young female farmers): March 1998

Prague, Czech Republic: Prague House of Photography: Tibet: March 1995

Ljubljana, Slovenia: International Week of Photography: June 1995

London, England: Busgallery Metropolis: October 1994

Berlin, Germany: International Children Photography: November 1994

Herten, Germany: Exhibition for the Prize for Young Photojournalism: September 1993

Brno, Czech Republic: Photography of the Prague Film Faculty: May 1992

Leeds, England: Documentary Photography of the Prague Film Faculty: October 1991



Made A Difference Awards, Student Union, Anglia Ruskin University, 2017

Made A Difference Award, Student Union, Anglia Ruskin University, 2015

Association of Photographers' Lecturer Award, 2010, shortlist

Maxim FAMU Festival Award, 1994

World Peace and Cultural Understanding Prize, Alexia Foundation, 1994

Female Photojournalist of the Year, 1993

FAMU Festival, second prize, 1992


Grants and Sponsorship

British Council Educational Partnership in Africa Grant 2009 - 2012

Czech - German Foundation for the Future 2002

Robert Bosch Foundation 2002

Sponsored by Leica GmbH 2000 to 2002

Sponsored by Canon Europe 1997

Sponsored by AGFA 1995 to 2002

Sponsored by Fujifilm 1994 to 2002



Festival Fotografischer Bilder

Fostering Visual Self-Governance in Zambia

Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity


L'oeil De La Photographie - The Eye of Photography